Much slower than other block cipher implementations?

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Thu Dec 5 09:52:58 CET 2013

Hi Kosuke,

On 5/12/2013, at 15:41 , Kosuke Kaizuka <cai.0407 at> wrote:
> Which version of GnuPG (ligcrypt) and OS are you using?

We're using 1.4.11 on Ubuntu 12.04, on x86-64.  The libgcrypt11 package is 1.5.0.

> 3. GnuPG 2.0.x on x86-64
> Ligcrypt 1.5 branch does not support AES-NI yet on x86-64 environments.
> Support of AES-NI on x86-64 has been implemented to ligcrypt master[1], but not
> backported to current 1.5 branch[2].

Ah, thanks - that sounds good, I look forward to it.

I was wondering how much difference the AES-NI instructions make so today I went back to an older server running the same OS, architecture, and GnuPG version.  On this server GnuPG encrypts at around 11 MB/s but OpenSSL encrypts at well over 100 MB/s (which surprised me).

So the difference seems to be mostly due to other factors.

I think Werner's email explains much of the remaining differences though.

Thanks both,
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