Any future for the Crypto Stick?

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Sun Dec 8 13:56:01 CET 2013

Regarding the initial question, the Crypto Stick is under active
development and we are working to make the Crypto Stick available again.
Here I'm posting a short status overview published at

In the recent weeks we got increasing questions on the status and future
of the project. Other than our website might indicate, we are
continuously developing but we should do better in order to keep you
updated. Now, let's give you an overview:

You may have noticed that the Crypto Stick is out of stock for a while
already. We are working on a new device (think of it as a version 1.4)
which super seeds the current Crypto Stick. To achieve better robustness
the integrated smart card won't be soldered anymore but be inserted. The
device will contain a new OATH (not OAuth) one-time-password feature
which is the same standard used by the Google Authenticator. This device
enables you to securely and easily login to popular websites like Amazon
Web Services, DropBox, GMail, GDocs etc. without entering a password.
Furthermore the Crypto Stick will have a smaller and custom-made casing.

The long-awaited Crypto Stick "version 2" containing an encrypted
storage is still under development. We shipped a few devices as part of
a closed beta program and we are currently investigating a bug (#42)
which occasionally prevents the device from starting up properly,
primarily under Linux. For this purpose we did setup a test- and
metering-installation and run test scripts to nail the problem down. The
error seems to occur only once in a few thousand startup cycles which
doesn't make life easier for us. There are a few more things to do and
you may want to follow the progress in our ticketing system.

Furthermore we plan to release a Crypto Stick "light" without a smart
card and without storage. It will be based on GNUK which is a
software-only implementation of the OpenPGP Card which is executed by
the STM32 microprocessor.

Eventually all three flavors will be available in parallel to address
different demands. Now you may be interested to know when the new
devices will be ready. Since our earlier estimations were wrong, we
won't comment on specific release dates anymore. The "version 1.4" with
the one-time-password feature is available as "series zero" which means
we have 20 devices to currently undergo intensive testing. Unless
significant bugs are found, the next step would be to release the device
and start the production.

Because of some pending work items the "version 2" (with storage) may
take a while to be released for production. Please subscribe to this
newsletter or blog where we will announce any news and releases.

Am 01.12.2013 12:45, schrieb Einar Ryeng:
> Hi.
> The GPF Crypto Stick has been unavailable for months now, and I wondered if
> anyone here has information on its future.
> After the German Privacy Foundation apparently closed down this summer, I've
> started getting worried that we've seen the end of what I consider the most
> practical hardware token for GPG.
> Any news on the crypto stick (or similar initiatives) would be appreciated.
> Cheers,

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