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Thanks for your carefully considered input Micah.

On 13/12/13 22:23, Micah Lee wrote:
> I tweeted the video and it's getting some pickup:


> One way that I think the blog could be improved is by providing permalinks
> for the individual posts.

This has been on the todo list for a while (the blog is all static hand
written HTML at the moment). I made separate pages as requested just now and
they're online. Should make linking easier (just click on the article headings
on the blog front page).

> Looking back through this list archives it appears that this fundraising 
> campaign actually has a "matching grant", to use non-profit development 
> language? Each donation is doubled?

No we don't have a sponsor offering that at the moment (I'd be delighted if we
did). Which archived mail gave you that impression?

> In the video you say that GPG is used by the government, hackers, and 
> billion dollar companies. I think when promoting GPG it's good to include
> in that list activists, journalists, whistleblowers, and ordinary people
> that care about privacy. I think you can brag about widespread use amongst
> this same set of people:

Good point, I'll speak to Anna who made the video about getting it changed.

> Finally, if you're raising money to rebuild the website, could you add 
> HTTPS to your to do list?

I guess you're referring to the blog ( is HTTPS accessible, but is not)? The new site will host the blog on a single (not sub)
domain, so all pages will be reachable by an encrypted connection. Does that
answer your question?



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