K. Raven ml at kairaven.de
Sun Dec 22 10:59:24 CET 2013


> On Sa, Dez 21 2013, Uwe Brauer wrote:
>> I am on Kubuntu 10.04 and I have both gnupg and gnupg2 installed.
>> Now since 2.x is not affected by the problem mentioned I prefer to
>> use it. However how can I be sure that gnupg2 is used for my email 
>> correspondence for which I use pgp-mime and not gnupg? (I am using 
>> Xemacs+gnus)
> You can uninstall or update gnupg :-)

I'm using Kubuntu (13.10) too and because many packets depend on gnupg,
i use the Alternatives system to leave gnupg1 installed and use gnupg2
in parallel. You can see that on
<http://wiki.kairaven.de/open/krypto/gpg/p/gpg4#linux> (in German, but
the commandos are readable). Sure, you must repeat the steps after gnupg
updates. Alternatively (at the end of the chapter), you can rename the
gnupg1 binaries and make symlinks to gnupg2, but i don't like that.



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