Printing PGP Businesscard

Ralph J. Mayer rmayer at
Tue Dec 24 12:22:38 CET 2013

ok, let me be a bit more clear about what I'm looking for. 

At a signing party like at upcoming 30c3 there's a compiled list of keys. 
But when you meet for a spontaneous signing at your local hackerspace, people pull out their keys (aka ID/Fingerprint/...) on little pieces of paper. 
Some are creative with OpenOffice/Word/LaTex, some just take the output of gpg. Others have their Infoseek on their real business card. 

So, what I'm looking for is something like this:
gpg-card -id=deadbeef -pdf -a4
It extracts the details from the key and puts together a PDF size A4.
A grid of 3x8 and lines where to cut. 

Viele Grüße / Kind Regards / Cordiali Saluti / Met vriendelijke groet

Ralph J.Mayer

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