New GUI frontend for windows

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Dec 26 14:55:26 CET 2013

I really wish people would read my emails before responding to them.

> I certainly don't want to start a flame war here; however, if you
> are so unequivocally anti proprietary software...

I'm not, as I said in that message -- a part which you quoted, even:

>> I don't find closed-source software unethical, mind you...

I also (correctly) attributed the anti-proprietary mindset to GNU, not
to me:

>> GnuPG is a GNU project, and they have some quite serious 
>> philosophical beliefs about the moral evils of closed-source 
>> software.  Let's respect the GNU position by not advocating 
>> closed-source software on this list.


> why do you even allow a version of your product to be created that
> will run on [proprietary OSes].

GnuPG is not my product.  I am not a GnuPG developer.  I am not a GnuPG
maintainer.  I have never contributed one line of code to GnuPG.

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