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Johan Wevers johanw at
Thu Dec 26 13:21:01 CET 2013

On 26-12-2013 13:00, Jerry wrote:

> I certainly don't want to start a flame war here; however, if you are so
> unequivocally anti proprietary software, then why do you even allow a
> version of your product to be created that will run on it. That is
> certainly not a consistent approach.

Most people in the free software world believe in freedom - the freedom
to use software as we see fit and to adapt it to our requirements. Not
in taking someone else's freedoms away. If someone wants to run GnuPG on
windows - that's what you're asking - why should one remove the freedom
to do so?

As a practical matter, not distributing windows binaries would get
Werner many questions for it and for help from people who tried to port
/ compile it on windows because the demand is there. To prevent such a
non-productive situation windows binaries could be distributed as only
to prevent all this trouble. Werner has also only 24hours in one day.
I'm not saying this is the reason to distribute windows binaries but it
would certainly be a practical reason to do so, if no other reasons
(like increased security for everyone if the large number of windows
users would also be able to use GnuPG).

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Johan Wevers

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