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Randolph rdohm321 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 16:25:22 CET 2013

Hi Peter and Robert,
it is not about the tool, it is about the method, if you look at session
based D/H key Exchange.. , with the Exchange of the public key in the past
you easily can copy paste the ciphertext to any chat and such a crypt tool
is a universal thing to use in any chat or email program. That means, the
grab of a public key is not possible while you Exchange chiphertext (except
you assume everything is recorded). I tested it the last days a little bit
and it is better than any scramber software you download from
softpedia.comwhich is older than 10 years. Anyway, it is not about the
function to be
integrated in a jabber Client or email app. it is a tool, as is, and
I appreciate the funktion, good that it is one alternative to OTR or
Enigmail and all the others. Maybe RSA keys can be extended to ElGamal here

>> I really wouldn't mind never reading about this CryptoPad thingy in this
>> mailing list. I can't shake the feeling it's only discussed to give it a
>> podium in the mailing list of a reputable cryptography tool.
>> Peter.
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