Rosetta CryptoPad released

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Dec 26 18:34:08 CET 2013

> it is not about the tool, it is about the method, if you look at session
> based D/H key Exchange...

So what?  How is GoldBug relevant to GnuPG?  As near as I can tell it  
has no relevance, which causes me to wonder why the author(s) of it  
keep on introducing messages that refer to it.  It has about as much  
relevance to GnuPG as does my bizarre obsession with prehistoric fish.

(Speaking of which, has a great article on coelacanths.  If you get the dead-tree edition of _The Economist_ from late November it has the first photograph on that webpage in full 16x11 glory.   

And if you're talking about Rosetta CryptoPad... the list moderators  
have *specifically* *asked* that non-Free Software not be advocated on  
this list.  The big exception to that rule is in the context of  
discussing whether GnuPG can/should support features found in non-Free  

Given the list moderators have asked that non-Free Software not be  
advocated on this list, that's all the reason I need to not talk about  
the Rosetta CryptoPad.  Between the closed source and the complete  
lack of trust, let's consign discussion about it to the dustbin and  
move on.

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