Unable to access Crypto Stick with gpg2

Hauke Laging mailinglisten at hauke-laging.de
Thu Feb 14 18:51:13 CET 2013

Am Do 14.02.2013, 19:38:05 schrieb Jan Ignatius:

> Turns out it was mounted on /dev/bus/usb/001/005:
> crw-rw-r-- 1 root pcscd 189, 4 Feb 14 19:13 005
> The access rights seem ok to me - the smart card daemon pcscd has full
> rights to the device. Does anyone have other ideas I could test out?

The daemon group has... But is this group in the list of groups of the 
scdaemon process? That's not a SUID/SGID binary. So if you are not in this 
group then scdaemon started by you (or by gpg-agent started by you) won't be 

/bin/ps -e -o pid,supgrp,args

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