Piping tar into gpg

Stefan Malte Schumacher stefanmalte at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 22:29:08 CET 2013


I want to create encrypted backups with tar and gpg, which I then want to
upload to my online storage. Strangely I can't get it working.
"find /mnt/raid/Dokumente/ -type f -print0 |tar cfzv | gpg --symmetric
--output 1.tar.gz.gpg" aks for a password but aborts after creating a 4,0K
large binary file. I have had other cases in which tar and gpg were
obviously working (I monitored the program activity with htop) but instead
of writing to the file specified with --output they were overwriting a
random file in the path selected with find. I haven't been able to
replicate this behaviour but it has occured multiple times and destroyed 3
files. How can I pipe tars into gpg and what may have happened when gpg
started to overwrite files at random?

Thanks in advance for any help
Stefan Malte Schumacher
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