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John Clizbe John at
Tue Jan 8 10:26:00 CET 2013

I.V. Frost wrote:
> Am I the only having trouble both the key for this message and the one
> with the binaries? My installation tells me it is not Key ID:
> 0x99242560 but key 0xA1BC4FA4 which is not found on any server that I use.

Something sounds odd about the search criteria or keyserver selection.

Searching for the subkey 0xA1BC4FA4:

returns the key:

Search results for '0xa1bc4fa4'

Type bits/keyID     Date       User ID
pub  4096R/99242560 2002-01-28 David M. Shaw <dshaw at>
	 Fingerprint=7D92 FD31 3AB6 F373 4CC5  9CA1 DB69 8D71 9924 2560

This should be true of any of the SKS keyservers out there.
(I'm syncing with 75 other servers)

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