not recognizing my passphrase after moving from XP to Win7

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at
Sun Jul 7 21:53:30 CEST 2013

On 07/07/2013 03:10 AM, eMyListsDDg wrote:
> now i'm finding out after moving from XP to Win7 that i can't
> edit my keys or decrypt email test messages. 
> the passphrases to decrypt i have aren't working from command
> line or my email app.
> during migration i copied all the files from
> <user>\<apps>\gnupg dir on XP to my new machine.

Where do you put them on Windows 7?  It is hard to see where
they are at for me but I just did a dummy key create on
Windows 7 and then copied all of my keys sans the
random_seed file over the newly created files  I cannot see
it right now on Linux due to all of the shortcuts not showing
up the same way with NTFS mounted RO on Linux.
You didn't say what email program you are using so I assume
Outlook which may or may not make a difference.

> is there command line opt for gpg2 to run to sync my key
> ring or am out of luck after moving to new machine and have
> to create new key pairs?

I don't have extensive testing but I copied my keys from 32 bit
Ubuntu to 32 bit OpenSuSE and Windows XP.  I just changed the
XP to Windows 7 but I am using 32 bit Windows 7.  I did the same
there but I do modify the random_seed file with hexedit for
each key-ring which some people object to.  From my point of
view that is far better than just having each key-ring having
the same random_seed file.  But for Windows 7 I just left the
newly created random_seed file in place but copied over all
the other files.  I have two systems with Windows 7 32 bit on
both of them (should have gone with 64 bit - no such thing
as PAE on Windows).

I don't think you can just copy for Windows XP 32 bit to
Windows 7 64 bit.  Is that what you have?  If it is what you
have you may need to do a export / import.  I can say I have
had no problems with my Windows 7 32 bit but I only ran one
test which was to verify a file with a detached signature
file.  I can do the following but I don't read email AT ALL
on Windows (I get lots of malware in my email - the wannabee
hackers think they can catch me off guard):

1. Encipher a file with my public key on Linux and decipher
   it on Windows.

2. Symmetrically encipher a file with the TWORISH cipher on
   Linux and decipher it on Windows.

3. Do the same as the previous two but do the ciphering on
   Windows and deciphering on Linux.

Let me know if it would help to do that (a personal message
would be fine).  After that I could stand by for some tests
using email by enciphering, signing and both.


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