not recognizing my passphrase after moving from XP to Win7

eMyListsDDg emylistsddg at
Mon Jul 8 03:48:26 CEST 2013

Hello Johan,

i checked that. chars are typing correctly. i keep all passwords in a password database. i copied/pasted & typed what i thought should be the correct passphrase. gpg2 returns "invalid". 

keyboard is a new microsoft sidewinder x4 but chars/keys are mapping fine with it.

appreciate your help and insight

> On 7-7-2013 5:10, eMyListsDDg wrote:

>> now i'm finding out after moving from XP to Win7 that i can't edit my keys or decrypt email test messages. 

> Perhaps you accidentily changed the keyboard layout? Non-US versions of
> windows activate those pesky "dead keys" by default. Even Ubuntu seems
> to do that now :-(

> If your password contains chars like " ' ~ ets. you may have this problem.

Key fingerprint = DB4D 251B FE8A BDCD 2BE4  E889 13F1 78D0 A386 B32B

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