Problem with omnikey cardman 4040

Lorenz Wenner lorenz.wenner at
Sat Jul 13 14:54:41 CEST 2013

I am running debian testing (jessie) and there is no pcsc package installed

To be precise I removed it manually. The only package still being installed 
with pcsc in its name is libpcsclite1, which gnupg depends on.

I know that one can use fuser to get information about the processes using 
specific file(-system). So by doing fuser -vm /dev/cmx0 I get

                     USER        PID ACCESS COMMAND
/dev/cmx0:           root     kernel swap  /dev/sda5
                     root     kernel mount /dev
                     lorenz     2677 f.... startkde
                     lorenz     2772 F.... gpg-agent
                     lorenz     2778 F.... dbus-launch
                     lorenz     2782 F.... dbus-daemon
                     lorenz     3139 F.... kded4
                     lorenz     3280 f.... kwrapper4
                     lorenz     3323 f.... knotify4
                     lorenz     3326 f.... plasma-desktop
                     lorenz     3408 F.... kuiserver
                     lorenz     3430 f.... akonadiserver
                     lorenz     3483 F.... pulseaudio
                     lorenz     3497 f.... krunner
                     lorenz     3524 f.... akonadi_contact
                     lorenz     3525 f.... akonadi_gcal_re
                     lorenz     3541 f.... korgac
                     lorenz     3853 f.... kontact
                     lorenz     4833 f.... iceweasel
                     lorenz     4838 F.... gconfd-2
                     lorenz     4852 F.... gvfsd
                     lorenz    21972 F.... konsole
                     lorenz    22066 F.... dolphin
                     lorenz    22248 F.... gvfsd-metadata
                     lorenz    22660 f.... ffmpeg

but I am not sure how to interpret these informations. Does it mean, that all 
these processes have gotten in the of gnupg/ccid? The good thing: gpg-agent 
appears in the above list.


>> gpg: DBG: ccid-driver: failed to open `/dev/cmx0': Device or resource
>> busy

> Do you have pcscd running? If pcscd and GnuPG's internal CCID driver both
> try to claim the device, they'll get in eachothers way.

> Which distro do you use? You could try to stop pcscd with
> /etc/init.d/pcscd stop
> or
> service pcscd stop
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