Problem with omnikey cardman 4040

Lorenz Wenner lorenz.wenner at
Sun Jul 14 19:23:06 CEST 2013

Dear folks,

> > I have the omnikey cardman 4040 pcmcia cardreader in my Notebook and
> > want to use it with gnupg. Imho all requirements are met:
> I assume you use a modern card which allows for 2048 bit keys.

yes. Using my other cardreader through pcsc I get

gpg --card-status
Application ID ...: D276000124010200000500000FA00000
Version ..........: 2.0
Manufacturer .....: ZeitControl
Serial number ....: 00000FA0
Name of cardholder: Lorenz Wenner
Language prefs ...: de
Sex ..............: male
URL of public key : [not set]
Login data .......: lorenz.wenner
Private DO 2 .....: [2053] Lorenz Wenner <lorenz.wenner at>
CA fingerprint 1 .: C485 A6CD 7EC6 6E9E EC33  65F2 70F2 75E4 C32F 6CA5
Signature PIN ....: not forced
Key attributes ...: 2048R 2048R 2048R
Max. PIN lengths .: 32 32 32
PIN retry counter : 3 0 3
Signature counter : 0
Signature key ....: [none]
Encryption key....: [none]
Authentication key: [none]
General key info..: [none]

but I don't want to you that one because

* it needs pcsc
* it the Cheery ST-1044U, which I cannot easily take with me inside the Laptop whereas I can so with 
the omnikey
* I cannot use it but edit my card either

> You are
> out of lick: All Omnicard based readers work with such cards unless you
> use Windows.


> There is a workaround in gpg which sometimes help to get
> something done with this reader but it is not reliable.

will you tell me?

> > gpg: DBG: ccid-driver: failed to open `/dev/cmx0': Device or resource
> > busy gpg: DBG: ccid-driver: failed to open `/dev/cmx1': No such file or
> > directory
> Another tool is using the reader.

and meanwhile I could identify it: lsof | grep cmx led to

scdaemon  12382           lorenz    8u      CHR      250,0     0t10     5728 /dev/cmx0

when I kill -9 the scdaemon and retry gpg --card-status, scdaemon gets restarted.

@Peter Lebbing: yes, there is a use-agent line in my ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf

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