GPG weakness

Manu García variosinftk at
Thu Jul 25 14:59:17 CEST 2013


I'm not a member of this list, but have read an article that I'd like to
share, and put into your knowledge (if you don't know it already) because I
think is rather important.
In said article, about security in the Cloud you can read this:

«Michael Bailey, a computer security researcher at the University of
Michigan, notes that the software attacked—an e-mail encryption program
called GNUPrivacy guard—is known to leak information, and that the
experiment wasn’t carried out inside a real commercial cloud environment.»


I always thought that GnuPG was rather secure, but it seems that among
experts it's a well known weak and poor ciphering technology which no
security experts consider seriously. At least that's the impression I get
reading said article.

Are devs taking some measures to make GPG really secure?

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