License violation: GoldBug

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Jul 27 12:36:03 CEST 2013

Product: GoldBug Instant Messenger (
Version: 0.1.1567RC
Platform: Win32

GoldBug Instant Messenger distributes portions of libgcrypt as part of
its package, under the name "libspoton".  However, it claims to be fully
BSD licensed, which means it has relicensed libgcrypt in violation of
the original license agreement.

Further, although it distributes large portions of libgcrypt and
libgpg-error, there is no COPYING file associated with them, nor any
indication of what the end-user rights are with respect to these pieces
of software.

To be honest the whole thing looks like a nest of license conflicts from
a bunch of different people and groups: Qt, GnuPG and more.  I don't
know what the GnuPG developers want to do about this, but I figure y'all
deserve to know about it.

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