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Sat Jul 27 12:45:06 CEST 2013

Thanks for the Information, Robert.
We all need to evaluate this and will come back to you
In case there is a file or txt missing, this have to be corrected.
But personally I would give you the tip, as you said this is not the right
list to discuss this and you yourself are mostly posting about it, that you
first say thank you for this new, that you will study it and regard it as
friendly, that you get out in the sun and dont hang in the loop of emails
and thinking this is your communiction channel, get more wise to look over
something and not to shoot each kind of thing immediately that is new to
you. And we know you will relply to this that you just say your opinion and
that you have a clear few on the Facts. That is true. Just think about some
time, though. You are not an advocate nor should you behave different when
youe aunt is brining you something to you, do you shoot as well the rabbit
then to wonderland? learn to be patient, consider other opinons and dont
be a Matador of a shitstorm. Help People, and dont  drop them down.

2013/7/27 Robert J. Hansen <rjh at>

> Product: GoldBug Instant Messenger (
> Version: 0.1.1567RC
> Platform: Win32
> GoldBug Instant Messenger distributes portions of libgcrypt as part of
> its package, under the name "libspoton".  However, it claims to be fully
> BSD licensed, which means it has relicensed libgcrypt in violation of
> the original license agreement.
> Further, although it distributes large portions of libgcrypt and
> libgpg-error, there is no COPYING file associated with them, nor any
> indication of what the end-user rights are with respect to these pieces
> of software.
> To be honest the whole thing looks like a nest of license conflicts from
> a bunch of different people and groups: Qt, GnuPG and more.  I don't
> know what the GnuPG developers want to do about this, but I figure y'all
> deserve to know about it.
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