How do you show a list of cached keys in gpg-agent?

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Sat Jun 8 17:22:00 CEST 2013

Am Sa 08.06.2013, 10:42:51 schrieb Peter Lebbing:

> # If the option
> # --list is given the keygrip is ignored and information about all
> # available keys are returned.

I am afraid that is not what the OP wants to know. "Cached keys" in the sense 
of "ssh-add -l" are keys whose passphrase is cached. But gpg-agent gives you a 
list of all keys it knows (however). I remember having read that it is 
explicitly impossible to get a list of the keys with cached passphrases from 

I just tried the command (for the first time) and something strange happens. I 
get a list of five entries. Four of which seem to belong to keys on 
smartcards. None contains a fingerprint. Then I opened an encrypted email, was 
asked for a passphrase (which was cached: I could open other encrypted emails 
afterwards) but the output of "KEYINFO --list" didn't change at all! There is 
only one instance of gpg-agent running...

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