Why OpenPGP is not wanted - stupid is in vogue right now

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On 10 June 2013 10:46, Henry Hertz Hobbit <hhhobbit at securemecca.net> wrote:

> My personal observations agrees with Rob Hansen's studies 100%.
> Even when required to use encryption people hate doing it and
> their concept is entirely focused on the ciphering with them
> thinking that people who use encryption are trying to hide
> something. They don't even begin to understand that signing is
> also a part of encryption. IOW, there is also an ignorance
> factor.  Nobody but me uses my signatures on the stuff I
> deliver.  It isn't because my keys aren't part of the WOT.  It
> is because for what ever reason they want to complain like mad
> about Prism but then go to Facebook and broadcast their personal
> lives to the entire world.  Why?  I would like to say I don't
> know why and that it could be used for a doctoral dissertation
> but I am beginning to suspect the doctoral candidates in
> Sociology and Psychology will be similarly nuts any more.  For
> those few who use my stuff they don't even use the signatures to
> verify that things are okay.. Dumb? Certainly.  But stupid is
> in vogue right now and I don't know why.  The Mayan Haab
> (365 days per cycle)  and Tz'olkin (260 days per cycle)
> calendars both go backwards and forwards forever but nobody
> wants to know that these calendars really didn't come to an
> end on 21 Decembre 2012 and that was just one of the times
> that the first days align.  It also happens every 52 Haab
> cycles (years) and 73 Tz'olkin periods.  Don't try to sit down
> and explain it to them either.  They go glassy eyed and make
> sure they don't understand that (365 * 52) = (260 * 73) and
> make sure they don't understand why even when you show the
> reduction that is lowest number you can get in the
> multiplication where they are equal.  They want to say that
> it is completely impossible to understand and they want to
> believe what ever lies are told on the History II channel and
> elsewhere.  They get away with it because everybody else is
> doing the same thing. Why?  BEING STUPID IS IN FASHION RIGHT
> NOW!
> If they had complained that my keys were not part of the WOT, my
> keys would have been part of the WOT in a hurry.  That was why I
> added my legal name as a comment.  I anticipated somebody would
> ask me to become part of the WOT.  Nobody has asked because less
> than 1/10 of 1% of people are using encryption except when they
> don't know that they are using it (443).
> What is wrong with the GUI provided with GPG4WIN?  I really don't
> want a GUI on Linux since I do most things in a terminal and BASH
> anyway.  My only complaint with GPG4WIN is that checking the
> signature should come first but that is because that is what I
> use it for.  I verify that my own downloads have not been tampered
> with.  Hey, the web-server isn't under my control.  I can no longer
> send email on the POP email account that goes with that web server
> any more either.  Yahoo's SMTP server stopped accepting my email
> from Thunderbird just two days ago.  Unfortunately, POP still
> pulls down 100 or so messages from PeskySpammer every day.  That
> does not instill confidence.  But I can still mail fine here using
> OpenPGP on 1and1 with no problems.  So it is not my setup which has
> not changed that is causing the problems. Business mail at Yahoo is
> either broken or the NSA / FBI retaliated for my comment at WaPo.
> I pick broken.  Why retaliate when even some of them will agree with
> my comments at WaPo? My snail mail delivered letter to Yahoo will be
> my last chance at getting it working again.  My hope is extremely
> low.
> Until stupid falls out of vogue, encryption just isn't going to
> be used.  If the History II channel and my downstairs neighbor
> with Planet X (Nibiru) are any indication we will need a
> completely new generation for that to happen.  This generation
> is so stupid with their iPhones and iPads and Galaxy Samsungs
> that I am beginning to wonder how we got here.  It isn't just
> the young doing it either.  Many older people have been similarly
> afflicted.  I think I will watch the programs on the D-Day veterans
> so I can get out of this time warp factor we are in right now for
> a while. Those people back then weren't stupid.  They cracked the
> Enigma, the Lorenz, and most of the Japanese codes as well.  I
> should have lived my life back then with my half-sister Susie and
> helped in the cracking.  Now?  The emperor has no clothes and
> almost nobody wants to use encryption - ANY KIND OF ENCRYPTION!
> Me?  My financial data and passwords are enciphered.  I don't
> make any apologies either.  There are too many hackers that
> want to steal that stuff.  I strongly avoid using software
> that isn't signed unless I created it either.  The people
> that aren't doing it?  THEY ARE PROUD ABOUT BEING STUPID!
> The reason Microsoft bundled Windows Defender and have it
> on by default is because well over 50% of the people weren't
> using an AV product on Windows.  Unfortunately, Windows
> Defender is removing all blocked entries including even
> Facebook and bad hosts from the hosts file now.  Again,
> stupid is in fasion even at Microsoft when they attempt
> to remedy a problem.  Windows Defender may have removed
> the only thing that would keep that problem away from
> that person's computer.  Will the Microsoft programmers
> understand that?  NO!  STUPID IS IN VOGUE RIGHT NOW!
> Mucking around with a new GUI for GnuPG will not change
> these factors.  The new GUI design needs to be driven by
> what the people want.  Right now they don't want
> encryption.  Encryption has become a dirty word in their
> diseased minds.

Try this:


It's not about stupidity, it's about incentives.

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