Why OpenPGP is not wanted - stupid is in vogue right now

Zece zece at riseup.net
Tue Jun 11 22:19:39 CEST 2013

Henry Hertz Hobbit <hhhobbit at securemecca.net>:
> I think I will watch the programs on the D-Day veterans
> so I can get out of this time warp factor we are in right now for
> a while. Those people back then weren't stupid.  They cracked the
> Enigma, the Lorenz, and most of the Japanese codes as well.  I
> should have lived my life back then with my half-sister Susie and
> helped in the cracking.  Now?  The emperor has no clothes and
> almost nobody wants to use encryption - ANY KIND OF ENCRYPTION!

Lovely romance about the Good Ol' Days.

Only that was probably the stupidest era ever.

Just think a couple of minutes about it.

Medicine was making rapid improvements. Yet people were ready to
redefine a dumb blind god only to fit the new era.

A large country got beaten up because they wanted too much. Have they
learned anything? Nope. They blamed the a more intelectual ethnic
minority and glorified dumb work.

A few former colonies, that were close to 100% «let the people of the
old countries» fight their own dumb wars left any reason and jumped in.

Some smart scientists that could study how to have energy for free at
no polution wasted their lives creating a weapon that could break the
Planet in two. And they were stupid enough to say it «we're doing it
for the children» or something like that.

Other smart scientists worked not for the laundry machine that cleans
with 200ml of water, not about the home that heats the snow outside the
walls, but about new and creative way to push explosives over large
distances because people needed less cement and more skyes.

And while savages living in developed countries were getting together
to blame a race for the killing of an imaginary god that was so darn
important no writer outside its sect ever wrote about him for a few
centuries, savages living in deserts were discovering how big the whole
world was. New gods were taking a stand and asking for more land mines
and grenades to play like the big boys.

I know only one moment in history with deeper implications for the
future: when a young and blood thristy emperor changed the imperial god
and started winning with the new talismans. Which lead for two millenia
of darkness for a large part of the human kind. Only that time it took
centuries and not years for all to see the results.

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