Public Keys not showing up in "Choose Recipients"

Peter Lebbing peter at
Tue Mar 5 13:57:27 CET 2013

On 05/03/13 00:26, BassToGo123 wrote:
> Please post
>> Can anyone help me?

People on this list are not paid to answer your questions. Asking twice with a
minute in between is not very civil in my eyes. And perhaps it takes a few days
for someone to /have the time/ and inclination to help you further, so even the
frist "can anyone help me" in less than two days is, IMHO, a bit impatient.

That said, I think this question isn't answered very quickly because this seems
the wrong place to ask. You seem to have a problem with a tool called GPG
Keychain Access or one called iOS Notepad or a plugin to that program. This is
the list for GnuPG, to which, I presume, these programs are a frontend; a
graphical interface. You might be better off looking for the support forum for
these tools rather than asking here.

By the way, some keys are not capable of receiving encrypted mail. This is
related to so-called "capabilities". Have you checked with the owners of the
keys you chose that they are capable of receiving encrypted mail with those
keys? Because this would be an obvious reason why the keys don't show up as
encryption targets, and your bit about the keys having no subkeys made me think
this could be the case.


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