Public Keys not showing up in "Choose Recipients"

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Tue Mar 5 17:45:03 CET 2013

I apologize for my inpatients. I have scoured the internet for a discussion board or some other way of finding support for this program, and this board is the only one I could find. Not that it matters to anyone here, but not resolving this problem in a timely fashion is going to cost me.

If you or anyone here knows of a support forum, I'd love to hear about it as I simply cannot locate one and this is the first place that comes up when looking for such a place.

I cannot thank you enough for your reply. This subkey, if a public key is imported (the key offered with the intent of it being used to write with) without a subkey included, it is simply unable to be written with by choice of its owner?

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On Mar 5, 2013, at 5:01 AM, "Peter Lebbing [via GnuPG]" <ml-node+s10057n30080h4 at> wrote:

> On 05/03/13 00:26, BassToGo123 wrote: 
> > Please post 
> >> Can anyone help me? 
> People on this list are not paid to answer your questions. Asking twice with a 
> minute in between is not very civil in my eyes. And perhaps it takes a few days 
> for someone to /have the time/ and inclination to help you further, so even the 
> frist "can anyone help me" in less than two days is, IMHO, a bit impatient. 
> That said, I think this question isn't answered very quickly because this seems 
> the wrong place to ask. You seem to have a problem with a tool called GPG 
> Keychain Access or one called iOS Notepad or a plugin to that program. This is 
> the list for GnuPG, to which, I presume, these programs are a frontend; a 
> graphical interface. You might be better off looking for the support forum for 
> these tools rather than asking here. 
> By the way, some keys are not capable of receiving encrypted mail. This is 
> related to so-called "capabilities". Have you checked with the owners of the 
> keys you chose that they are capable of receiving encrypted mail with those 
> keys? Because this would be an obvious reason why the keys don't show up as 
> encryption targets, and your bit about the keys having no subkeys made me think 
> this could be the case. 
> Peter. 
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