gpg for anonymous users - Alternative to the web of trust?

Markus Reichelt ml at
Tue Mar 26 20:20:49 CET 2013

* adrelanos <adrelanos at> wrote:

> How can I establish a pseudonym that no one can easily fake while
> remaining anonymous?

a) you can't
define 'easily' - these days nobody reads/checks anything anymore
(there's some XKCD about this issue)

b) you can try:
Meet with a high-profile person (of your realm/domain) that you
trust and ask that person to both honour your wish to remain
anonymous to the public and to also sign your signing key.

Apart from that, why the hassle? Simply put: Once you marked your
spot with a pseudonym and a corresponding key, it's yours.

But I think the matter you are really concerned about is this:
How can your audience be sure it's you when they in fact don't want
to make any real effort to check up on that fact.  see a)

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