gpg for anonymous users - Alternative to the web of trust?

adrelanos adrelanos at
Fri Mar 29 19:21:52 CET 2013

Markus Reichelt:
> * adrelanos <adrelanos at> wrote:
>> How can I establish a pseudonym that no one can easily fake while
>> remaining anonymous?
> a) you can't
> define 'easily' - these days nobody reads/checks anything anymore
> (there's some XKCD about this issue)

Well, I recognize that ratio of image downloads vs signature downloads
is quite bad...

> But I think the matter you are really concerned about is this:
> How can your audience be sure it's you when they in fact don't want
> to make any real effort to check up on that fact.  see a)

There are at least a very few users who care and who read (almost) all
the stuff I publish.

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