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On 05/03/2013 08:43 PM, Henry Hertz Hobbit wrote:

First, I think public key encryption is apropos for what you
are doing if privacy is a concern.  The way you approached
it without telling us you are on Windows until later on
indicates privacy IS a consideration for you.

Now that I know you are on Windows I am curious what you are
using to automate - Visual Basic, BAT, Power Shell, or something
else.  I run into too many problems with their darn spaces no
matter which of these three I use.  It is best to just add where
gpg2 and everything else lives  to your PATH.  Here is where it
is for the latest version of GPG4Win (at least on Windows 7)


>From my point of view object oriented scripting is strange.
Scripts should be more verbal than noun oriented.

If you need help in getting it going I will help but do NOT
use what you would be sending to your cohorts.  My public key
is on the key-servers.  For the long way Just go here:

Then enter my email address hhhobbit[gnat]

Click on the top key, copy and paste it into a file and then
import.  Fast way is to just use PGP4Win's GUI to import the
key directly from the key-servers.

The first test is to send a publicly encrypted file.  Then
you do it for two users per Werner's statement and as you
go along you will see what is appropriate for you.


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