GnuPG 1.4.13

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at
Wed May 15 14:20:03 CEST 2013

On 05/14/2013 04:39 PM, Laurent Jumet wrote:
> Hello Henry !
> Henry Hertz Hobbit <hhhobbit at> wrote:
>>>> Thanks very much - duly installed.
>>>     I'm using this for my own, you may find it useful too:
>> Downloaded but will the second one stay there?
>     I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
>     Second one is my own help I'm using, no more, based on the help in the package.

Things are having a way of disappearing faster than they
come now.  At least they are for me.

I am just asking if you will remove it from that location
in the future.  I guess it is okay if we have another
GnuPG version and you replace it with another file.  But
many times people won't upgrade for what ever reason (here,
language issues for Chinese prevents going to GnuPG 2.x
on Windows). Let me illustrate the concern a little more
clearly. Things have a way disappearing right out from
underneath people, expecially if you picked Gnome 1 & 2
(and KDE has language problems for Arabic and Perso-Arabic)
on Linux:

OS:      OpenSuse 11.4  (the last of Gnome 2 there)
Video:   ASUS GeForce GTX-650  (replaced GeForce 220)
Reason:  Can no longer use GoogleEarth
Problem: Instructions from OpenSuSE point to their special OS
         folder.  But every time they update the kernel KMS
         comes back with a Vengence and my resolution drops
         back down to 640x480 with NO way to increase it
         unless you change the kernel to get rid of KMS.
         Ergo, I have to alter the kernel to get my
         video resolution back up to 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz,  I
         run 1680x1050 for both Ubuntu and Windows 7.  I also
         had to install the approprtiate nVidia driver myself.
         In fact I had to do the entire thing myself and one
         of the instructions provided was WRONG.

I first tried to do this the OpenSuSE way.  But when I pointed
to the proper folder for YUM unpdates, as usual, they were GONE!
I imagine it disappeared the day OpenSuSE 12.1 came out.  They
are up to 12.3 now.  Why fix what isn't broken?  But in this
case they broke what was fixed.

I will finally have to update to OpenSuse 12.4 IF they have
KDE.  Gnome 3 is nothing more than an iPhone GUI dropped onto
the desktop.  You don't even have an xterm which was finally
provided with Unity for Ubuntu 12.04. In addition to having
to remove nouveau, this is just one example that somebody
thinks I have time to do 4+ OS updates per year with every
Linux distro and that I use nothing but Firefox and Libre
Office.  That is way too much change but in this case
Gnome may as well close the door.  Only LibreOffice and
Firefox are provided with Gnome 3 with every distro I installed
or tried to install this spring, I have finally given up
completely on Fedora.  I haven't been able to install Fedora for
years because it doesn't have my current ASUS monitor or the
previous ViewSonic monitor in its X-Windows DB. But with Gnome
3 you can't even use GnuPG any more.  Where is Thundebird and
the xterm to use it in?  I couldn't find them.  Like my friend
who wrestled with Windows 8 for two days I finally gave up and
went back to the very same OS I had, but swapped the machines
they were on.

Here comes another Ubuntu 10.04 update of the kernel and I may
have to reinstall the Nvidia drivers there again (you must
do it with OpenSuSE but I am counting on NO OS upgrades for
the 11.4 version any more).  On that machine I went from on
motherboard Nvidia to a GEForce GT-640, again because
GoogleEarth would no longer run.  At least I can still use
GnuPG because I can have an xterm which most of these modern
GUIs with every Linux distro no longer provide.  I can also run
Thunderbird.  Windows 8 also has the iPhone GUI mentality as
well and even worse, forces you to use their email type setup
which has extremely bad security problems.  By that I mean
your private becomes public and they expect ALL of your
banking and financial stuff to go through them.  I guess
Microsoft fired all of their top-notch security people.
I still consider Drop My Rights for XP in many ways better
than the UAC for Windows 7.

So stick to Windows 7 or Windows XP if you want to use GnuPG
encryption on Microsoft Windows.  You cannot use GnuPG or hardly
anything else other than Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office
on Windows 8.  My friend couldn't find a way to do it.

The reason everybody is getting this is because it DOES have
repercussions on GnuPG.  You won't be able to use GnuPG
encryption any more until all these people provide a desktop
or laptop OS where you can use GnuPG again!  I don't want an
OS where I cannot use GnuPG!


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