Keyring on external encrypted drive

Zece Anonimescu zece at
Thu May 23 12:17:15 CEST 2013

Werner Koch:
> The current versions as distributed by kernelconcepts actually support
> switching to at least 1024, 2048, 3072 and 4096 bit.  For 4096 bit you
> should use the latest GnuPG version, though.

That's wonderful news.

But I recall that both on Fedora and Debian I had trouble using GnuPG
2.x and I went back to 1.x. When I want to use a key, GnuPG pops up a
window that works only with the keyboard. And for strong key protection
I use long generated strings that I keep in a KeePass or KeePassX
wallet. Either with KeePass way of entering data, or by copy and paste I
was unable to feed the beast my 64 char string of random letters,
numbers and signs. And doing that by hand sure takes the fun out of it.

> Actually not, all the SCM reader I have seen work pretty well using our
> own free software drivers.  The technical support has always been
> responsive and helpful.

That's excellent! I am going to write down the name SCM. I know it's
unfair, but I started to default that hardware manufacturers default on
the opaque side. And that's not an issue exclusive to the Linux crowd.
Buying a nice scaner that boldly prints "XP drivers" while having
problems with previous versions is bad. Finding out a few years later
that nobody gives a fuck about drivers for 7 is even worse. Talking
about hardware that doesn't even bother to break in order to throw it
away and searching for something new.

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