Keyring on external encrypted drive

Zece Anonimescu zece at
Thu May 23 17:37:53 CEST 2013

Werner Koch:
> That most likely reason is that you use gnome and gnome-keyring pretends
> to be gpg-agent.  You can change the configuration of gnome-keyring to
> not emulate gpg-agent.

Wrote that down. I'll do it next time.

> In another thread I just mentioned this pseudo-security behaviour.  Even
> the most trivial keylogger will then be able to sniff your passphrase.
> But well, keyloggers are not trivial anymore, thus you are doomed
> anyway.

Sorry for being thick. But when it comes to security and cryptography
one must be certain of understanding things. Do you mean that in
relation with KeePass? Because once a keylogger is installed the only
protection I see is detect it and remove it before it starts sending out
data. Or with gnome-keyring?

Anyway, would a onscreen keyboard would help against a keylogger?

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