[OT] Why are you using the GPG / PGP keys?

Zece Anonimescu zece at riseup.net
Tue May 28 20:45:56 CEST 2013

> The fact remains that email is "the house that Jack built." The wall
> plugs are upside down, the wiring is sketchy at best, the plumbing is
> crazy and doesn't function correctly, the house is half wood and half
> brick, and/Jack forgot to put locks on the doors./

Doors should not have locks. So the best feature is marked as a failure?

> The fact that younger generations don't see email as a viable system is
> telling. It's an opportunity for something /better /to take email's
> place. Hopefully something with built-in encryption, rather than
> encryption tacked on as an afterthought. Just my two cents.

You have attachments. You have ASCII output from gpg. How much more
«built in»? Sounds like a replacement of .conf files with the wonders of
the Windows Registry. How much wasted energy because Facebook PR told
dimwits something!

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