UK Guardian newspaper publishes USA NSA papers

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On 11/04/2013 05:40 PM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> I tried to check that out, and I have never needed more than about
>> three hops.
> Sure, but then again you're trying to hit people with *extremely* large
> networks, and whose first-order networks are themselves *extremely*
> well-connected.  Even the exotic ones like Ronald Coase -- he
> co-authored a ton of papers and attended a lot of conferences and
> advised a lot of Ph.D. candidates and taught a lot of courses.
> If you can map out a line to my great-uncle Ormo Rasmussen in three hops
> without using me as a link, I'll be impressed.  ;)
I would not even know how to go about it.

In my little list, I did not pick these people and see how to link to
them; they were people I new directly (the one-hop ones),
Or I knew someone who knew them (my piano teacher: Gorgbachev, my
grandfather: Albert Einstein).
Getting to Richard Nixon was a bit harder. A friend of mine knew his mother.

I am actually surprised and impressed by my list. Not that anyone else
should care.

And on this list, David Wagner was easy since I worked with his mother
at Bell Labs and met him not long after he was born. He surely has no
recollection of me.

Speaking of Bell Labs, kind of a name-dropping switchboard. My
grandfather worked there, so I am a two handshakes away from Clinton
Davisson. And I worked there and knew Doug McIlroy, and knew Ken
Thompson and Dennis Ritchie very slightly. Also Bela Julesz. And Vic
Vyssotsky was the most compulsive cigarette smokers I ever met, but a
uniquely brilliant computer scientist. Jean Felker, who lead the TRADIC
project (possibly the first transistorized electronic computer)
interviewed me when I first tried, as a high school student, to get a
summer job there. We talked about round-off problems when using
fixed-length and fixed-point arithmetic.

Oh! Well! Memories.

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