Sharing a card reader between pkcs11 and gnupg card?

Tapio Sokura tapio.sokura at
Tue Nov 5 12:26:05 CET 2013


I'm having some troubles using both a PKCS #11 accessed card (national 
electronic ID card) and an OpenPGP card in the same computer. I haven't 
really looked deep into this yet, but it looks like the smart card 
reader is claimed by the driver that is first started (scdaemon or the 
national ID card driver) and the other one doesn't see any readers.

Is this the expected beahvior, i.e. I can't share one card reader 
between different card types without stopping/starting services when 
changing from one card to another?

I have several card readers, so I could use two readers at the same time 
and I understand I should be able to dedicate one reader for one card 
type by configuration. But for laptop use that gets clumsy, especially 
when you have (one) integrated reader already in the laptop.

I'm running 12.04 LTS Ubuntu with the packaged gnupg 


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