bug-like: strange behaviour of addrevoker

Hauke Laging mailinglisten at hauke-laging.de
Tue Nov 5 23:13:58 CET 2013


I have created another key for me (higher security level) so its user ID has 
obviously the same name like the ones of my old key. I did this with 
Knoppix 7.2 (i.e. gpg 1.4.x).

After key creation I wanted to add the keys to each other as designated 
revokers. But that didn't work as expected. After entering the command 
"addrevoker" I was asked to enter the user ID of the respective key. Why the 
user ID and not the key ID or fingerprint? Does that make any sense?

However, gpg has a quite strange user ID matching behaviour here. If I enter 
the complete user ID
Hauke Laging (Standardadresse) <hauke at laging.de>
then it is not found. If I enter just "Hauke Laging" I get a clever error 
message that a key cannot be its own designated revoker... Neither 1a571df5 
nor 0x1a571df5 works. Even worse: The email address doesn't work either (both 
hauke at laging.de and <hauke at laging.de>).

So I had to create a new user id (and throw the others away in order to avoid 
changes to the other key). With the new name it worked.

I assume this is a bug as you would expect it to happen quite often that there 
are several keys with the same name. Probably this feature is rarely used.


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