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Am Di 12.11.2013, 15:50:10 schrieb adrelanos:

> Is it possible to have subkeys with different comments than the main
> key? How?

The main question is: What do you mean by "comments"? You probably refer to 
the comment part of a user ID. But it has not been determined what exactly 
that refers to.

A key comment in a technically more correct sense would be a signature 
notation (which you can see with --list-sigs only and you also need --list-
options show-notations).

You can create these notations with --cert-notation. You must call gpg once 
for every key then:

gpg --expert --cert-notation comment_en at"mainkey" \

gpg --cert-notation comment_en at"encryption subkey" \
--edit-key 0x12345678 addkey

gpg --cert-notation comment_en at"signature subkey" \
--edit-key 0x12345678 addkey

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