Does anyone use an NXP JCOP J3A smart card?

Ruslan Sagitov rs at
Thu Nov 14 17:42:23 CET 2013

Hello! It’s my first question here.

I want to buy a smart card reader and a smart card to use with GnuPG 2.
I already know about the OpenPGP smart card and about the Fellowship
Smartcard but both are not selling in my country.

I’m looking for a combo of a SCM SCR3500 card reader and a NXP JCOP J3A
smart card. I want to know whether this combo works with GnuPG or not.

I tried to ask on IRC and got an advice to ask in mailing lists.

It seems SCM SCR3500 is quite popular but the card is not. The
specification for the card is here:

    Main cryptographic algorithms and functionality

    Transport level:
     * ISO 7816, T=0, T=1 (speed, kbit/s): up to 223,2;
     * ISO 14443 T=CL (speed, kbit/s): up to 848.

     * EEPROM, KBytes: 80;
     * ROM (for applets, KBytes): up to 76;
     * APDU buffer (RAM, bytes): 1462.

     * Java Card Version: 2.2.2;
     * Global Platform: 2.1.1;
     * SCP Secure Channel Protocol: SCP01, SCP02.

     * DES/3DES: 56/112/168;
     * AES: 256;
     * RSA: 2048;
     * ECC GF(p): 320;
     * SEED: 128;
     * SHA-1 / 2;
     * MD5;
     * Random Number Generation;
     * RSA Key Generation.

     * Logical channels: 1;
     * RMI (Remote Method Invocation);
     * SSD (Supplementary Security Domain);
     * Mifare API;
     * Extended Length APDU;
     * Random UID;
     * Customizable ROM mask;
     * 0,14 µm technology.

    eGov and BAC (EAC):
     * BAC (ICAO9303);
     * EAC (ICAO9303, BSI TR 03110 v1.1.1);
     * BAC/EAC Accelerator API;
     * EAC v1.0.

     * EMVCo;
     * Common Criteria (EAL) - 5+.

So many scary words. ;-)

I know that the card should support APDU and extended length APDU, and
both are here, as you see. Are there any other requirements?

Does anyone use this combo?

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