Does anyone use an NXP JCOP J3A smart card?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Thu Nov 14 19:45:09 CET 2013

On 14/11/13 17:42, Ruslan Sagitov wrote:
> I’m looking for a combo of a SCM SCR3500 card reader and a NXP JCOP J3A
> smart card. I want to know whether this combo works with GnuPG or not.

You can't just take some smartcard and expect it to function as an OpenPGP card,
because the OpenPGP card is a specific application on the card. Think of the
smartcard as a computer, and the OpenPGP application as some piece of software.
Thing is, you don't normally change the software on smartcards like you would
with computers.

The only way to have a different card function as OpenPGP card is by writing
your own firmware(=software), which is hard and likely will require you to sign
a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the manufacturer of the card you are targetting.

I think your only option is to find some distributor that does sell OpenPGP
cards in your area, or somehow get a foreigner to buy one and send it in the
mail or something like that.



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