gpgshare; have files and a tool that sorts files by gpg alias for the purpose of serving social-network -like applications

Jasper den Ouden o.jasper at
Wed Oct 2 21:40:40 CEST 2013

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I feel that using overly centralized servers and organizations is a bad
idea in the long
I am not the only one, there are projects like
However, not everyone can run servers, doing so you have to mess with
routers sometimes.

A requirement of a social network application is being able to
communicate, and to identify aliasses. GnuPG can do the latter, and also
encrypt and stuff too. So it makes sense to combine the two which other
applications can use to implement some facet of a social network.

I also think 'the file' should be a unit of sending data. People should
be able to easily add other techniques of transferring those files like
autodetecting email attachments for it, pigeons with usb sticks.

I have some simple bash source code that demonstrates the idea.(I will
change the name if relevant people object) (There are descriptions on
``s there)

_All it does_ is sort by gpg identity and verify/decrypt&extract into a
file system. If an application is happy not being able to initiate a
fetch.send of data, all it has to do is look at its directory and
incorporate the news there. In addition, it might need more capability
to compose data to send, putting different in different
files.(different levels of private/public)

The first thing i will try to use it,(and i have started figuring how
to place it alongside a website) is a make system to comment/take
notes and reply to them anywhere,(and specify who gets access to it)
with minimum threshold-to-use -right on web pages.('anywhere' is
bigger than that, but websites is a good start)

Note that i tried to suggest something similar before(FTR)

This email is meant to get some feedback, collaborators, and maybe
ideas/a start on how to actually popularize the programs that will use
the system. It would be useless without co-users. However, i am open
to changing the form this might be done as wel, for instance the
sort-by-gpg identity is so simple that maybe it could be incorporated
into the existing gpg project(and associated libraries) itself.(It
doesnt really increase dependencies either, just tar) Or you might
want to start the project from your side and i join you instead of
vice  versa.(I do think the 'just put files', and minimal touching of
the distributing system of subject matters of social networking is
important though) In that case i'll change the linked github to be
just the comment anywhere stuff.
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