GPG2 encryption options

mightymouse2045 eagleeyes426 at
Thu Oct 3 06:46:24 CEST 2013

Hi there,

I'm wondering if gpg2 can be used to encrypt a file using a keyfile. The
term keyfile is used to refer to a static file where the contents are read
into gpg2 to be used as the passphrase for the encryption process.

for example:

ccrypt -e --keyfile ~/.somefile ~/the_file_to_be_encrypted.doc

So the above ccrypt command encrypts the file_to_be_encrypted.doc with the
first line take from .somefile

ccrypt -d --keyfile ~/.somefile ~/the_file_to_be_encrypted.doc.ctd

and the above command decrypts it....

Is this possible with gpg2? I like this because I can use random files taken
from the 100,000's+ static non-changing files on my system as passwords for
encrypting and decrypting files etc. I'd just prefer to be using gpg2 as I
can then specify algo's hash's etc instead of being stuck with AES.

There are some files I don't like having to enter a passphrase for each time
due to them be accessed very frequently, but I don't want the contents of
them being stored plaintext either.


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