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Fri Oct 25 02:47:54 CEST 2013

dear group-members,

due to the necessity keeping user data save, iam working secondarily on 
the mechanic to implement such behaviour (gnupg) to a service, iam 
currently working on.

iam still using sha3.keccak to build hashes in the frontend with 
compiled javascript ( with google window toolkit ), but as ive read, the 
keccak-algorithm is still not save to be enough. i was wondering, why 
they didnt implemented larger hashes then 224/256 bit within that logic, 
i was expecting something like 2k or 4k at least, beside performance 
aspects, but my brain is obviously to small to enhance the keccak 
saveley to a larger keylength.

anyhow. hashing the password is a one-way solution, but i want to 
encrypt/decrypt the whole communication between the browser-frontend and 
the server-remote-procedure call with something like gnupg, but to be 
honest, my knowledge in math and stuff like that is to poor to do it on 
my own. i wont build shity services, just claiming buzzwords, so my 
question is:

/is someone able to paint the general mechanic of the procedure down or 
is there a documentation regarding that topic?/

to make it clear, iam using java as domain language, as i had excellent 
results, using these technology. one will smile about it at and bring 
some prejudice into that talking, but dont be afraid, iam working with a 
stop-watch during the development. as reward, i would build a small 
search engine to index the papers on the site with nosql techniques. 
another topic would be, to serve a open-source-framework with these 
results on github or somewhere else.

i know, its a huge workload to bring such idea to life, but as i droped 
a lot of time into that project, these forecase would make it for me, to 
ensure the service to any other ( customer ).

thanks in advance and TGIF
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