Building Pinentry for Windows

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at
Fri Oct 25 09:28:45 CEST 2013


On Thursday 24 October 2013 20:49:09 Nikola Radovanovic wrote:
> 1) When trying to build whole Gpg4Win i ran into several problems. Package
> for gtkhtmlviewer2 couldn't be found, but i have resolved it. This archive
> is now moved to plugins_obsolete folder (instead plugins) on a target url.

Ah, such things happen, i'll see to it that the download url is updated.

> Then stow was not installed on a system, and i have installed it with
> apt-get install stow. But makensis, which is missing, must be installed
> also. And it cannot be installed with apt-get. It requires python, scons,
> zlib and gcc to be installed already, so it is a more complicated process.
> Werner, if you can give me some hints about installing makensis it would be
> great, but anyway i must analyze manual for installing makensis and all
> dependent components in order to proceed further.

makensis is part of the package nsis, which can be installed with "apt-get 
install nsis"

> 2) As far as MXE is concerned, i have built and set successfully all
> required packages, and built gcc and qt successfully. And finally when it
> came to build pinentry it failed with message : 'No rule to make target
> 'pinentry'. Stop.' And that's it. I have  downloaded the package and tried
> to build it manually with commands just like in .mk file, but with no
> success.

Yes pinentry is not included in mxe. I have written a .mk file for it and 
attached it In my Mail from Wednesday. You should have dropped that file into the src directory of mxe.


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