Can I revitalise an old key-pair?

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Mon Sep 2 05:56:47 CEST 2013

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Hello MartinHvidberg !

MartinHvidberg <martin at> wrote:

> My problem:
> I stead of generating yet another key-pair, how do I revitalise on of my
> existing key-pairs.
> This said, I have only what I can download from a key-server, and I do in
> fact remember the password, for some of them.
> Do the key-server have all the information I need to re-use an existing
> key-pair (provided I remember the password)?

    The keyserver holds only your public key; obviously you need the secret key
at home.
    What you should do in my opinion, is recover all the old key pairs you are 
able to get (with the passphrase), and revoque them but keep them (for the case
you still get a message encrypted with one of those so you can read it anyway),
and send them to the servers.

    You can choose one existing key pair (or create a new one), with a signing 
(main) key allowing use of most recent signing algorithms (with a 1024 signing 
key you'll reach RIPEMD160 as a maximum Digest-Algo)

    And create subkeys from time to time, depending on the risk (keyloggers if 
you are using non safe PC, USB stealing), and uploading to servers.

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