GPG and Outlook revisited

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I use GPGShell too, but Werner has requested that we focus on open source
software on this list, and GPGShell is closed source. As we all owe an
enormous debt of gratitude to Werner and his team, the least we can do is
honor his request on the list he maintains about the program he almost
single-handedly supports and gives to us for free :-)


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> Hello Chris !
> Chris De Young <chd at> wrote:
> > It's been some time since I looked at options for integrating GPG and
> > Outlook on Windows, and at the time there seemed to be no particularly
> > good solutions. GPG4Win/Enigmail/Thunderbird works great for my personal
> > use, but work mandates Outlook, and in light of the latest NSA-related
> > info it seems a good time to revisit the options for reliable encryption
> > in an Outlook/Exchange environment - if any.
>     You can use GPGShell that has a non-specific utility to
> encrypt-decrypt-sign windows.
>     While you are working in a program, ensure that its window is the
> active
> one, and right click on the Window/Encrypt function of GPGShell.
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