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> Hi Mike,
> Interesting. Would you care to explain your logic as to why you set
> the preferences in that particular order?
> In particular, why did you prioritize 3DES over the three AES
> variants? I can understand being skeptical of CAMELLIA, as it was
> developed commercially, though it has been approved for use by both
> the Japanese CRYPTREC project and the European NESSIE project and is
> widely available to researchers and cryptographers. That is, it's not
> a black box.
> Similarly, AES is an open standard and went through rigorous review by
> both government and the public cryptographic community.
> As far as I'm aware, all the ciphers used in GnuPG have no major,
> publicly-known cryptographic weaknesses so the choice as to which ones
> to use comes down more to a matter of personal preference and
> compatibility reasons.
> -- Pete Stephenson
I selected TWOFISH as first as that was developed by Bruce Schneier,--
and then not accepted by NIST -- and Bruce offers the source code.   as
far as the others go I just pushed the commercial ones toward the back:

NEW INFO dated 2013-09-13:

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