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Mon Sep 16 01:23:16 CEST 2013

On 09/15/2013 12:54 PM, Jack Szary wrote:
> I have someone's PGP key and he said to use that to send him information, how do I use his key to send him a message?
first off, are you Windows or Linux ?     In Linux you should have GPG
installed by deafult; in Windows you will need to go download gpg4win
and install it

once you have gpg in your system then get the Thunderbird e/mail
client.  again, in Linux (Ubuntu, or Mint at least ) -- Thunderbird will
already be present.   In Windows, you have to go download it and install it.

setup and test your e/mail account.   add your buddy to your address book

Next you need to add the ENIGMAIL plug-in to Thunderbird .   In
Linux/Mint(15) I had to download the plug-in and install it manually;
Windows or Ubuntu installed from the get -add-ons menu

Next you need to generate a key-pair .  use the KeyManagement option of
Thunderbird from the OpenPGP drop-down

Next you need to use key-management from Thunderbird to import the key
that your buddy sent you

now you can send a message to your buddy.   after you have the message
ready click the OpenPGP pull-down and check encrypt,sign,use pgp-mime,
and ignore recipient rules

the e/mail address you send to needs to match the e/mail address he has
on his key

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