Where is ECC in gpg2 (specifically gnupg-2.0.21

Mark H. Wood mwood at IUPUI.Edu
Mon Sep 16 14:46:41 CEST 2013

On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 08:17:11PM -0400, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> On 9/13/2013 6:20 PM, Werner Koch wrote:
> > No, I am not aware of any discussions.  QC resistant algorithms are not
> > yet something we need to rush for.
> Although it hasn't hit the IETF WG mailing list, I know that some list
> participants have had intermittent off-list conversations about lattice
> cryptography and other QC-resistant crypto.  I wouldn't say that it's a
> subject of active discussion within the WG, but some individual WG
> members are definitely keeping an eye on it.
> And let me give a big "d'accord!" to Werner's "we don't need to rush."

On the one hand, we don't need to rush.  On the other, it is good to
see that people are thinking ahead, because I don't want to see
matters come to a state in which we *do* need to rush.

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