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Tue Sep 17 08:57:16 CEST 2013

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Am 17.09.2013 08:23, schrieb atair:
> On 9/16/13, Doug Barton <dougb at> wrote:
>> The way that your signer did it is _a_ standard way to do it.
>> CAFF is a very popular program for that, and there is another
>> here that is also pretty good:
> Is there a way to achieve the same signatures from gpg command
> line? For example $ gpg -a --export <uid> exports the complete key
> and not just the signature. However, I understand the gpg-man pages
> in a way that it's possible to do a $ gpg -u <my_keyid> --edit-key
> <other's_keyid>
>> sign <other's_first_uid> sign <other's_second_uid> ... q
> Is that true? How could I export the created signature for each
> step? (sth like an "-a --export <file>" but from interactive mode
> seems not to be present...)

See section "Multiple-UID keys" on
wich was written by the author of pius.

> BTW: I'm on GNU/Linux for some years now and I'd never use Windows
> again ;) So personally, I don't care whether these tools exist for
> Windows or not...

Independent of me using Windows or not, I still want Windows users to
be able to sign my keys.


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