Sign key and export for each UID

atair atair04 at
Tue Sep 17 09:42:14 CEST 2013

> See section "Multiple-UID keys" on
> wich was written by the author of pius.
Thanks! That's what I looked for.

>> BTW: I'm on GNU/Linux for some years now and I'd never use Windows
>> again ;) So personally, I don't care whether these tools exist for
>> Windows or not...
> Independent of me using Windows or not, I still want Windows users to
> be able to sign my keys.
Sure, there should be a way to have the same functionality on all
platforms. I just wanted to say that there're good reasons (handy
tools, infrastructure, improvements are accessible to all
users/community,...) to use GNU/linux instead of Windows.

-- atair

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