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Len Cooley len.cooley at
Sun Sep 22 16:57:10 CEST 2013

I'm sure this has been a topic of inquiry many times, but I can't seem to
find useful information about it. I haven't used gpg command line for a
long time (I actually haven't used gpg much at all in the past few years,
as I've had a Windows machine, and I just don't trust the OS), but I have
gpg on my android phone. It utilizes the terminal. When I type in gpg
(return) I get the message that I placed in the subject line. I'm not
really sure what I do at that point. If I use Ctrl C, the program
terminates. If I hit CtrlZ, I think it suspends the program (but I'm not
Would/could I use this area to type a text message that I would then,
subsequently, encrypt/sign/save? If so, where could I find a set of basic
commands to use with this (what appears to be) text editor?
If this isn't what it's intended for, what's it for? Thanks for bearing
with me.

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