Use of two private/public key pairs, Sign only and Encrypt only

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Am Fr 27.09.2013, 09:56:03 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:

> What's worse is that
> revoking your key could be seen as tipping off your correspondents to
> the police's activities, and that's a serious offense under RIPA.

Is that your interpretation or in any way official? My respective search 
engige efforts were not successful.

This point of view would have quite strange consequences: For how long shall 
you be forced to keep a key? Even longer than before (if you change subkeys 
regularly)? Why should you have to accept that police can read future data of 
yours, data which they do not have a warrant for?

Unfortunately for quite a while we have seen that there is a lot more between 
UK and the rest of (continental) Europe than just water. Maybe we will finally 
see the EU shrink for the first time.

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